Lessons - FAQ


Q: At what age should my child begin lessons?

A: Group lessons begin at age 4.   As that there are many other activities to choose from, the primary focus at this age is to develop some fundamental skills through a fun based approach.

Q: Do you recommend private or group lessons?

A: Students will improve through both private and group lessons.  Private lessons are a good opportunity to refine technique which can then be practiced in group lessons.

Q: How much progress should I expect?

A: Individual progress varies depending on natural athleticism, dedication, focus as well as other factors.  Each student should discuss his/her personal goals/expectations with the coach so that the coach can advise the student on the number and type of lessons that the student should take to meet his/her goals.

Q: Are your lessons instructional based or more game oriented?


A: Technical and strategic instruction is part of every lesson.  In addition to technically focused drills, age and level appropriate competitive drills and games are incorporated into each lesson to practice skills in more realistic situations.  Games are also a primary tool for young students to develop the fundamentals while having fun!

Q: How many lessons should someone take per week?

A: The number of lessons recommended depends on the student's developmental goals.  Progress will be seen even through one group lesson per week.  Additional lessons are recommended for those students who are looking to play at a high club level or who have aspirations for tournament play.

​Q: How much training is required to become a professional tennis player?


A: Only a few players across the country are capable of playing on the professional tour.  These players train multiple hours per day, 6 - 7 days per week .

Q: What should a student bring to each lesson?


A: Bring a racquet, water bottle and non marking shoes.  Racquets are available for students who do not have their own racquet.


Q: What is the temperature in the Dome?​


​A: We keep the Dome at 19.5 celsius.  Students should wear athletic pants and a long sleeve shirt with shorts and a t shirt underneath.

Q: Can students play outside of their classes?


A: Students who become members can book courts up to 7 days in advance.  Students can also book courts as non members as early as one day in advance.